Whitepaper Web Version | SocialGood | the Cryptocurrency that makes society better

Whitepaper(Web Version)

SocialGood’s IEO is live on LATOKEN. Get it now for 20% off. Sale ends October 31, 2019.

What is the SocialGood Project?

SocialGood is the cryptocurrency that makes society better.
The expansion of holders will make its price higher.
Let's buy SocialGood and recommend it to your friends.
Let's make society better together!

We raised USD 30M from institutional investors (For US, SocialGood is for accredited investors,
registered with S.E.C.).
Now pre-sale for you!

Once you hold SocialGood, when you buy a product in the shop by USD or Euro or other fiat currency, you can get the Cashback by cryptocurrecy SoicalGood. Part of it is donated to a charitable organization as social contribution. The more you buy products, the more society becomes better.

Social Good Ecosystem (Marketplace)

・The total sales of alliance companies exceeded USD 2B.
・The number of SocialGood holders exceeded 40,000.

Let's buy SocialGood and recommend it to your friend!