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After graduating from Tokyo University, he started his career at MITSUI & CO., LTD., where he was engaged in Overseas Investment Review, New Business Development, and M&A in the IT business field. In 2005, he founded the Ayumi Trust Group. As CEO of the group's subsidiaries, he developed and enriched FinTech conglomerates including Hedge Fund Direct Co., Ltd., an FSA registered financial advisory company (FIEA #532), and Yucasee Wealth Media Co., Ltd., an IT media business pioneer, targeting the wealthy class. Also, he accumulated an international financial business career, e.g., through the establishment and management of a Hong Kong securities company licensed under the HKSFC (later sold). In 2018, he became the Executive Director of the Social Good Foundation, which promotes a token-based social contribution oriented ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology. He also completed Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business Executive Program (2019).

  • Hedge Fund Direct Co., Ltd. (HFD) selects the best lineups of hedge funds, specifically for the sake of individual investors, from a database of more than 100,000 hedge funds, by using its own algorithm-based selection method. HFD is the largest independent FinTech oriented invest ment advisor in Japan, centering on the expertise and knowledge of overseas (outside Japan) hedgefunds, and has earned a superb reputation through the accumulation of more than USD 900 million in investments from individual investors, as of the end 2017, since the inception of it providing services. HFD was admitted to the FSA Financial Advisor Dis closer List in November 2017, as the adopter of the Business Principles Declaration that FSA recommends to set out and announce.
  • YUCASEE, the private club exclusively for wealthy people with a net worth of USD 1 million in financial assets, was established in 2006. The number of club members has increased, and the total amount of net worth of all club members has reached to more than USD 9 billion, the largest in this field.
  • YUCASEE Media, online media service for the Japanese wealthy class, attracts more than 1 million accesses per month. It is also the biggest media service of its kind in Japan.

Lecture, Forum appearance, and academia

Part-time lecturer at Kyushu University (2014)

Reuters Wealth Management Summit

Nikkei BP Financial IT Innovation Forum


Heizo Takenaka (Professor, Keio University) and Soichiro Takaoka, on “What Japanese Investors Should Do in the Japanese Government Deficit Crisis"

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Ken Shibusawa (Director, Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation) and Soichiro Takaoka, on “The Future for the Wealthy Stratum”

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