About Token Sale

Token overview

SocialGood has already acquired a number of listing consents from exchanges, on which, with these consents, SocialGood will be officially listed within a week or so immediately after the Social Good Foundation Inc.expresses the listing requests formally.

Social Good Foundation filed Form D with the SEC on April 18, 2018, local time, in the United States.

  • Token name: SocialGood
  • Token abbreviation: SG
  • The Maximum sales number for Token Sale: 68,000,000 SocialGood
  • Hard Cap: USD $500 Million equivalent.
  • Settlement currencies at time of token sale: ETH, BTC, USD
  • Minimum purchase at time of token sale: 1 SocialGood
  • Maximum purchase at time of token sale: No limit
  • SocialGood issuance number: 210,000,000 SocialGood
  • Sales price: Token price is USD $10 per one SocialGood

SocialGood is developed with ERC-20 (Ethereum Request for Comments: Token Standard #20) based on Ethereum.Tokens have a function as membership rights. You can join the Social Good Ecosystem™ by purchasing tokens. Please see the Whitepaper for details

The Social Good Foundation Inc. can issue tokens within the issuance upper limit after the token sale based on the growth of the ecosystem (issuance upper limit: 210 Million SocialGood).

The token allocation plan, in the meantime, is based on the maximum issuance number in the situation in which token issuance and allocations for partners (such as alliance companies, franchising companies, and technology development partner companies) are smoothly processed.

Any unsold and/or unallocated tokens they will be cancelled after the token sale ends and will be placed into the reserve.

FAQ for Tokensale

  • Sign up for our Token Sale dashboard from the following link: Click Here>>

  • When you enter the number of tokens you want on the purchase page, the amount of ETH, BTC required to purchase is displayed.

    You can also calculate the number of tokens you can purchase from the Cryptocurrency you own.

  • To display the address for purchase, please press the button to "pay with ETH" or the button to "pay with BTC".

  • When you press the button, if this is your first visit at the dashboard, you will go to the SMS authentication screen for KYC.

  • [When paying with ETH]
    Please enter your ETH address to track purchase from you.

    Then the ETH address of the remittee will be displayed. Please remit ETH of the amount you want to purchase there.

  • [When paying with BTC]
    When you press the button, for your exclusive use BTC address will be displayed.

    Please remit BTC of the amount you want to purchase there.


    SocialGood got consents of token listings form number of cryptocurrecy exchanges.

    The listing date is scheduled at the end of December. We plan to distribute tokens to investors just before listing.

Use of funds
Breakdown of the usage of funds from the ICO (token sale) sale is as shown below.

Use of funds

73%: Funding for ecosystem expansion and SocialGood price maintenance and liquidity assurance (reserve for sustaining credibility of the cryptocurrency, allotments to new business partners in each country, such as alliance companies and Managing Companies, PR to raise awareness, collaborations with cryptocurrency exchanges in each country, funds so companies can purchase their own tokens.)
15%: Allotments to consortium initial franchise companies and administrative offices and operation of global locations
10%: Expenses for outsourcing to major technology companies and for research and development
2%: Intellectual property and legal and regulatory compliance

Token holding percentages

Social Good Foundation Inc. is able to issue tokens, after the token sale, within the issuance upper limit (210 Million SocialGood) to cope with the cashback demand which will increase in accordance with the growth of the Social Good Ecosystem. In other words, unissued tokens that are not yet distributed in the market are called “reserve”.
Token holding percentages will be 32% to purchasers of token via sales, 6% to partners, 6% to the team, 4% to Ambassador Program users and 52% for the reserve as the facility of additional issuance of tokens, that are not yet issued in the sales period, in order to cope with cashback demand increase by the Social Good Ecosystem growth. With regard to the 6% allotment to the team, it is locked up. And after the sale in 4 years, the lock up will be released by a quarter of the 6% per year. With regard to the 6% allotment to partners, we will determine whom to be given for the sake of the Social Good Ecosystem growth within the allotment limit regardless of the sales period.

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