Up to 15% APY Staking Bonus Starting Late September, Socialgood’s Staking Bonus Program

September 14th, 2021 01:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Up to 15% APY Staking Bonus Starting Late September, Socialgood’s Staking Bonus Program

Dear SocialGood App users,

Thank you for your continued use of the SocialGood App.

As the SocialGood Team, we offer up to 100% SocialGood (SG) back for shopping through the SocialGood App at major eCommerce stores like eBay and Best Buy.

Just from shopping through our app there’s even a user who currently has over $24,000 worth of SG: https://twitter.com/Joe19643902/status/1431253785360232450

Feel free to look through the #SocialGoodApp_CryptoBack hashtag on Twitter to see all of the community members who have received SG.

Now, the SocialGood Team would like to announce a very exciting opportunity: the staking bonus program.

Features of the Staking Bonus Program

  1. “Staked SG” refers to approved SG in the SocialGood App and SG inside of your wallet connected with the app.
  2. The amount of staked SG determines which status you qualify for. You can earn 1%-15% APY depending on your status.
  3. Your bonus is recalculated every 6 hours, you can check inside the app to see how much staking bonus you have received.

In order to develop the SocialGood Ecosystem we are hoping to continue to increase the number of SG holders even further. Please read the following article about SG’s price and future prospects.

SocialGood (SG)’s Price, Valuation, Future Prospects, and Staking up to 15% APY

*(9/15/2021) For clarification, the staking will use the total of the following for its calculations:

  • Approved SG (the number inside your app)
  • SG inside of the wallet you connect to the SocialGood App (when this feature is first released only MetaMask will be available)

The more SG you hold inside of these the more your status (rank) will go up and you will qualify to earn more (1%-15%).