Important notice to all SocialGood Pre-sale participants

March 5th, 2019 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Important notice to all SocialGood Pre-sale participants

Thank you for participating in the SocialGood Pre-sale last year.
This is an important notice to all SocialGood participants of the 2018 Pre-sale.

From the viewpoint of regulations concerning cryptocurrency, we have decided to make a full refund to all private investors, apart from the tokens set aside to institutional investors, who purchased tokens in 2018.
For details, please see the email that was previously sent out to all investors.

We have already received the consent to list our token on various exchanges such as DigiFinex and LATOKEN etc., which have the some of the highest transaction volumes in the world and, in accordance with regulations, we are proceeding to prepare the IEO with major exchanges.

Also, SocialGood Cashback users can receive SocialGood free of charge. We guarantee that the SocialGood you received has a purchase price rate of 1 SG = USD 10. Please refer to the terms of service of SocialGood Cashback for more details.

We appreciate your continued support of the Social Good Project.