SocialGood Has Started Collaborative Research with Meiji University

November 29th, 2018 09:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

SocialGood Has Started Collaborative Research with Meiji University to Find AI That Automatically Selects “Donation destinations that Make You Feel Good”

The Social Good Foundation Inc.(CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, Chief Executive Officer, Soichiro Takaoka)has started collaborative research with Professor Tomohiro Takagi of Meiji University, whom is a worldwide authority of AI, in order to bring into reality a mechanism that will automatically make donations to global social contribution organizations every time customers shop. It is an attempt that is unparalleled worldwide to utilizing AI for selecting contributors to social contribution organizations.

In the Social Good Ecoystem™, every time SocialGood holders shop at a Social Good partner companies, a portion of the purchase amount is automatically donated to a social contribution organization with the cryptoccurrency SocialGood, and from there the system is set up to spread this action on SNS. In doing so, Social Good analyzes the feedback on SNS to develop AI algorithms which will automatically select the optimal donor destinations that leading to "spiritual satisfaction" and "improvement of social evaluation" through each donation.

Automatic social contribution ecosystem utilizing artificial intelligence
As a part of the Social Good Ecoystem™ economic activities, a mechanism has been implemented that automatically donates to social contribution organizations. The more participants in the ecosystem, such as users (including customers and investors), partner companies etc., take actions in order to pursue their own benefits, the more society will improve as a whole. This provides a win-win-win situation for consumers, investors, companies, and society as a whole.

AI automatically allocates donation destinations that maximize users' psychological satisfaction and social evaluation

Social Good Foundation Inc. starts the joint research and algorithm development program with Professor Tomohiro Takagi, Meiji University. Professor Takagi is the most influential and prominent authority in the world in fuzzy theory, one kind of computational artificial intelligence and an expert in marketing theory. He engages in the research, development and mechanization in the area of advanced digitalization of a highly precise recommendation and targeting marketing engine. He is also world renowned through a series of outstanding accomplishments at competitive workshops by presenting joint research and development achievements with world-wide industrial players such as the major US Oil companies and global Japanese corporations, such as SONY and Panasonic.

Social Good Foundation Inc. already submitted the international patent applications based on PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) with regards to the Social Good Ecosystem™ in September 2018. Previous developments from the joint R&D program will also be utilized in the 2019 Social Good Ecosystem™.

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