Description based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

  1. Issuer of token
    1. Name: Social Good Foundation Inc.
    2. Address: 18F West Tower Otemachi First Square, 1-5-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
    3. Contact:
    4. Representative: Soichiro Takaoka
  2. Goods and rights
    1. The token sale period is set from 10 o’clock JST of April 23rd, 2018, which is the commencement of the sale, to 23:59 JST of December 23rd, 2018, the closing of the sale.
    2. Social Good Foundation Inc. pays SocialGood tokens to the wallet address that a purchase designates within, but not limited to, one week after the closing of the sale.
  3. Commodity price
    1. The price of one SocialGood varies from USD 50 to 100 from time to time during the token sales period. Please refer to the White paper for details.
    2. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and US Dollars from purchasers for their purchase of SocialGood. In case of usage of Bitcoin or Ethereum, purchasers are required to send either of them to the wallet address that we designate. The payment of a purchaser is deemed completed after the payment to the designated address / account of ours, the wallet address in case of is Bitcoin or Ethereum, or our bank account in case of US Dollars.
  4. About refund Refunds, withdrawals or cancellations of purchase application are NOT accepted.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. The purchase of SocialGood is valid only in the token sale period.
    2. The browsers we recommend are Google Chrome (the latest version), Firefox (the latest version), Safari (the latest version), and Internet Explorer 11 and more updated versions.
    3. Limitations to the sale
      Purchase from countries and regions where transaction of token is prohibited is not allowed.
    4. For purchasers who plan to buy tokens, equivalent to USD 1 million or more, by Bitcoin, Ethereum, or US Dollars denominated, we are willing to offer a certain discount before the sale starts.
      Please refer to the site,, for further details such as token sale conditions.