Have the companies that will participate in the ecosystem been determined?

Yes, there are major companies, with net sales totaling more than USD 2 billion all together, who either have decided to, or are very close to.

To which exchanges is the listing been scheduled? confirmed?

Listing to large overseas exchanges has been scheduled , but we would like to withhold releasing who they are in advance. We plan to have SocialGood traded on many overseas exchanges even after it has been listed both in Japan and overseas until September 2019.

I live in Japan.
Can I participate in the Ambassador Program even before sales including people living in Japan begin?

Yes, you can. We would like to welcome your participation as an Ambassador. Please read the Ambassador Program in the website for details.

I live in Japan.
Can I purchase tokens through this website?

No, people living in Japan cannot purchase tokens through this site. We ask people living in Japan to purchase SocialGood via accounts opened with domestic cryptocurrency exchange businesses. We ask customers to contact cryptocurrency exchange businesses directly with respect to the handling of SocialGood.

I am an entrepreneur living outside Japan. I would like to deploy the Social Good Ecosystem™ in my country, please tell me how to become a franchisee.

Please contact us first. After the required screening, we will provide you with business support, including the provision of patent application technology to support the Social Good Ecosystem™.

We are a company that wishes to join the Social Good Ecosystem™ to sell our products. Please tell us what fees are associated with ecosystem participation.

No start-up fees or running fees are required for companies to participate in the Social Good marketplace. Also, no system building will be required. Please contact us first for more details.

I run a charitable organization. What do I have to do to begin to get automatic donations from the Social Good Ecosystem™?

Please contact us for details.

Is SocialGood a security?

No, it is a membership-type utility token. See the Whitepaper for details.

What for is blockchain used in Social Good Project?

We mainly use blockchains to link individuals, companies and social contribution organizations around the world, and utilize them in micropayments for automatic donation. Click here for details.

What are the upper sales limits for each round?

The purpose of this token sale is to increase the number of ecosystem participants. Accordingly, we will carefully manage sales volumes for each round at Social Good Foundation from the perspective of the health of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions related to upper limits.

I am an institutional investor considering the purchase of USD 1M worth of tokens. Can I meet with you individually?

Social Good Foundation office is a 5-minute walk from the Tokyo Station. Please make an appointment in advance to visit the office. We will look forward to meeting you.

Why is this being done in Japan when there are many ICOs in Switzerland and Singapore?

Because it is safe due to the fact that the regulatory frameworks and regulations are designed solid to protect customers so that Japan can nurture its cryptocurrency industry.

  • More than half of all Bitcoin transactions are yen-denominated (as of autumn 2017)
  • Vincent Launay, the World Bank financial expert, has pointed out that “Japan’s goal is to become a major virtual currency country” (COINTELEGRAPH, January 2018).
  • Japan’s Financial Services Agency, which is said to be the world’s toughest in terms of financing, has implemented, as national policy, a virtual currency exchange trader system under the Japanese Payment Act to nurture and grow virtual currencies and vitalize the market. Over 100 companies are currently applying to register as cryptocurrency exchange businesses (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, April 3, 2018)
    Thus, from the perspective of liquidity and safety, which are indispensable to enhancing the price of SocialGood, and considering the facts that it is the 3rd largest economy in the world, its government policy is favorable with respect to virtual currencies, and it has a stable political system, Japan was chosen as our base.