SocialGood | The Cryptocurrency for Better Society

"90% of ICOs are frauds. When you find an ICO that isn't a fraud, the return on your investment is basically guaranteed.", said a prominent hedge fund manager.

The five reasons investors choose SocialGood

Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission like Telegram 1.7 billion dollar ICO

Having registered with the U.S. SEC, Telegram made their ICO with 1.7 billion dollars gathered mainly from institutional investors.
They halted their crowd sale to individual investors.
SocialGood conducts token sales to institutional investors, using the same method as Telegram did and having already filed the Form D with the U.S. SEC (the 8th to do so in the world). SocialGood, however, unlike Telegram, does crowd sales simultaneously.

A clear roadmap for listing

SocialGood plans to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges in countries including Japan.
The token issuer, Social Good Foundation, has its office in Tokyo's Otemachi district.
Japan's authorities are currently said to be reinforcing regulations, and the country is predicted to become the world's most active in cryptocurrency by the end of 2018.

The Social Good Project was created as a spin-off project of the Japan-based FinTech businesses established in 2005.

International patent, and the Industrial-Academic project based on the alliance with a prominent university

Our token ecosystem is constructed on a Blockchain-based Technology, of which patent already submitted (in the United States and Japan). And AI technology used in thereof is jointly developed by the prominent world-class university and Social Good Foundation.
AI development has been developed together with world-class experts.
We plan to use our own technology to create a diversified BtoC business platform.

It matches with the investment themes for institutional investors of over 81 trillion dollar asset.

The ecosystem centered on the cryptocurrency SocialGood automatically donates a portion of funds to charity organizations each time products and services are distributed, resolving global social issues.
In other words, we believe it to be the birth of a new capitalism ("capitalism 2.0").
With its large social impact, we strongly believe that SocialGood will be eligible for ESG investment by major institutional investors.
ESG is an abbreviation of Environment, Social, and Governance promoted by the UNEP, and supported by over 1,700 institutional investors and investment management companies.
The total funds managed by the world's top 500 asset management companies total 81.2 trillion dollars.
If even 0.3% of that was used for SocialGood purchases, we strongly believe that SocialGood can exceed the aggregate market value of bitcoins (240 billion dollars, as of December 2017).

Investment amount of 81 trillion dollars

An accomplished team of experts

The CEO of the Social Good Foundation, Soichiro Takaoka, was the founder of Japan's top hedge fund management company for private investors (with USD900M in contracts).

The CEO has been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

The CEO has been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

His team is made up of experienced pros.

  • A university professor who graduated from Harvard University
  • A university professor known as a worldwide authority on AI research
  • The former managing director of one of Japan's largest security companies.
  • An international financial compliance expert
  • A renowned blockchain development engineer

Up to such big number as many as 800,000!

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Up to such big number as many as 800,000!
Receive USD $10 worth of SocialGood tokens right away!



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Up to such big number as many as 800,000!

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