SocialGood | the Cryptocurrency that makes society better

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SocialGood is the cryptocurrency that makes society better.
The expansion of holders will make its price higher.
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Let's make society better together!

We raised USD 30M from institutional investors (For US, SocialGood is for accredited investors, registered with S.E.C.).
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Once you hold SocialGood, when you buy a product in the shop by USD or Euro or other fiat currency, you can get the Cashback by cryptocurrecy SoicalGood. Part of it is donated to a charitable organization as social contribution. The more you buy products, the more society becomes better.

Social Good Ecosystem (Marketplace)

  • ・The total sales of alliance companies exceeded USD 2B.
  • ・The number of SocialGood holders exceeded 32,000.

Let's buy SocialGood and recommend it to your friend!

Third-Party Evaluation of Social Good Project

ICO bench

“The team has the excellent experience”



“The Top 5 Projects that promote real blockchain adoption”



“Its price goes up!”


Cryptocurrency Analyst

“SocialGood demand is estimated at about $25 Billion.”

Achievement and Roadmap

An analyst of cryptocurrecy said “SocialGood demand is estimated at about USD 25 Billion.”

How much will the SocialGood price rise?

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