SocialGood | The Cryptocurrency for Better Society

The First ICO in Japan, with Form D filed with SEC, US.
The Social Good Project is a global activity based on the vision of “improving society” that transcends national, racial, religious, and cultural differences. All the people around the world can participate.
Buy the cryptocurrency, SocialGood (tokens scheduled for listing on exchanges in December 2018) to participate in the “Social Good Ecosystem™” right now!

tokens scheduled for listing on exchanges in December 2018
Get tokens at low price. They are scheduled to be listed an exchanges.
Buy your tokens now
Rewards totaling USD 75 million will be given to people who refer their friends!
Become an ambassador to receive rewards for making referrals
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Improve society by participating in the Social Good Ecosystem™

All of our actions are based on our beliefs for “improving the world.” Our means for changing the world is the expansion of the Social Good Ecosystem™ that provides a Win-Win-Win for all individuals, companies, and for society as a whole while connecting the world using the cryptocurrency, SocialGood.
It is our hope to spread an ecosystem worldwide whereby “the more you do the things you like, the more you automatically make the world a better place” by connecting individuals, companies, and society.
You can receive a cash back payment every time you make a purchase in the Social Good Ecosystem™, which is supported by AI and blockchain technology (patents applied for). Furthermore, a portion of the Cash Back payment will automatically be donated via AI to organizations that contribute to society. These automated donations will enhance your social evaluation by going viral through SNSs, such as Facebook and Instagram.
Welcome to the Social Good Ecosystem™.

Save The Children
Save The Children
Grameen Bank
Grameen Bank
Médecins sans frontières
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

You too can have the same impact on improving society like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet, who have all declared their intentions to “improve society.”

SocialGood holders can receive Cash Back payments Every time they make purchases

Simply by holding SocialGood in the Social Good Ecosystem™, you can, for example, receive a USD 50,000 Cash Back payment for purchasing a home for USD 500,000.
For example, you can receive a USD 5,000 Cash Back payment for purchasing a car for USD 50,000. SocialGood is designed such that the longer you hold it, the higher the Cash Back rate goes. (Please see the Whitepaper for details)

Mechanism of Social Good Ecosystem™.
Mechanism of Social Good Ecosystem™

There is a reason that the SocialGood price and value rise

Our goal is to improve society by expanding the Social Good Ecosystem™. Therefore, it is crucially important to increase participants in the Ecosystem, and for that purpose we are strongly forcusing on the rise of the price of SocialGood because it may influence the increase of participants. This is a goal we can achieve by collaborating with you who is the SocialGood holder.
Join us to achive our goal for the SocialGood price to surpass the total market value of Bitcoin ($240 Billion as of December 2017) by the year 2020 by enhancing the ecosystem. For details, see the Whitepaper.

How much will the SocialGood price rise?
Expectation that price will rise due to SocialGood supply and demand

Legal currency is on a downward trend because its supply is theoretically unlimited and it can be printed at any time. Gold and Bitcoin are in limited supply, but there is no forced demand for them. Accordingly, of the 4 asset classes described above, SocialGood is the best choice for investors.
Currently the total fund size invested by institutional investors are estimated as much as $81.2 trillion. Now, “ESG” (an acronym formed by taking the first letters of the words Environment, Social, and Governance) is in fashion.
SocialGood can be a potential target for ESG investments. See the Whitepaper for details.

Comparing four asset classes in this way reveals clearly that limited supply and forced demand are set for SocialGood only
It is clear to see, from the SocialGood structure, that the SocialGood price is more prone to rise than the prices of Bitcoin or legal currency.
Value increase with the Social Good Ecosystem™ mechanism
(patent applications have already been submitted for the token ecosystem)

If the SocialGood price increases, the number of people holding SocialGood will also increase. As a result, more companies will participate in the marketplace. Consequently, Cash Back payments within Social Good Ecosystem™ will increase.
As a result, demand for SocialGood will increase, and the SocialGood price will rise. Consequently, the number of SocialGood holders will rise even more. The Social Good Ecosystem™ will grow automatically through this positive cycle.

Virtuous cycle model where consumers, companies, and asset values increase continuously
The Social Good Ecosystem™ will develop more and more with the network effect.
The Social Good Ecosystem™ will be deployed to more than 20 countries worldwide

We will expand the Social Good Ecosystem™ to over 20 countries around the world using franchising. Our plan is that companies will participate in over 20 countries, and Social Good will be accepted in cryptocurrency exchanges in each country. (We are also scheduling the Token listing on the exchanges in December 2018).

We will initially target the following 21 countries, whose GDPs rank in the top levels of the world.
What percentage of the world’s GDP will be incorporated into the Social Good Ecosystem™ in three years from now?

Professionals with strong background

Soichiro Takaoka

Tokyo Univ. BA. Entrepreneur and Founder of Ayumi Trust Group. Started career at MITSUI & CO., LTD., extensive career in FinTech industry and business, e.g., establishment of overseas securities house and in managing a FSA registered financial advisory company.
>> Soichiro Takaoka Career

Seiichiro Yonekura

Harvard Univ. GSAS, Ph.D., Professor at the Hitotsubashi Univ. Institute of Innovation Research, Fellow Professor Hitotsubashi Univ., Currently the Special Advisor for the Grameen Bank in Japan. Provides advise on starting up social business.

Tomohiro Takagi

Professor, School of Science and Technology of Meiji Univ., Ph.D., One of the most influential authorities in the world in fuzzy theory, one kind of computational artificial intelligence. His latest research relates to the highly precise recommendation engine and highly precise targeting.

Naoki Yokoyama

Tokyo Univ. BA., Ex-MD of Nikko Securities (now SMBC Nikko Securities Inc), President of a company of SBI Group. Ex-appointed members of many Japanese governmental financial regulatory committees.

Yu Yamanaka

Affluent career in multinational AI Startups. Recent successful ICO of USD 10m. equivalent for a Swiss corporation as the CTO. Technology expert in wide variety of IT areas. e.g., hosting a WEB media with 15 mil. MAUs and system developments for big IT companies such as Google, DNP and JCB. A member of Japan Blockchain Association.

Hisahito Kobayashi

Harvard Univ. Master (KSG MPA). Ex-Internal Auditor at MUFG and MUFG MUMSS (subsidiary) IAs, and also in charge of handling regulatory issues as the representing counterparty officer with various regulators.

Noriaki Ishikura

Ex-President of Rakuten Card and MD of Rakuten BK, building up as much as approx.USD 1.4 bil. asset at Rakuten Card. Affluent expertise and experience in IT Business.

Joji Kitano

Entrepreneur. Founder of start-ups. The only one Japanese who has winning litigation records against IT global giants including Google.

Hideto Kohno

President of Kohno & Kohno, Patent Office, Author of “FinTech Patent and Intellectual Property Strategy”. 40+ years career in IP and legal.

Our founder, Soichiro Takaoka is a globally active serial entrepreneur based in Japan.
As described below, Mr. Takaoka has an excellent track record in expanding the Social Good Ecosystem™, which is a global FinTech business.

  • A founder & CEO of Japan’s largest hedge fund specialized investment advisory company (FSA registered), achieving total investment advisory contracts amounting to over 90 billion yen.
  • A founder & CEO of Japan’s largest on-line marketplace for wealthy people, collaborating with large companies servicing wealthy people, and achieved total net assets of 1 trillion yen.
  • As a founder & CEO, he launched and then sold a corporate brokerage company in Hong Kong
  • A proven track record of raising a total of over 500 million yen from JAFCO, Tokio Marine, and Mizuho VC

>See Takaoka Souichiro’s detailed career

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Forbes JAPAN
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We are scheduling for the listing of the Token on cryptocurrency exchanges in December 2018. We will build the Social Good Ecosystem™ even during the token sale period, and plan to commence Cash Back payments every time SocialGood holders make purchases in March 2019. See the Whitepaper for details.

We will build the Social Good Ecosystem™ during the token sale period
						Late April 2018	Start of token sales (consumer participation)
						July 2018 Inviting companies to participate (companies to join at any time, announcement of considerations of joining companies as needed)
						Late December 2018	Listing on exchanges (Japan, overseas)
						March 2019 Cash Back payments start (addition of joined companies at any time, announcement of considerations of joining companies as needed)

If you buy now, you can get tokens for less than the “pre-listing price of 1 SocialGood = USD 100”

The pre-listing sale price is 1 SocialGood = USD 100 (to be purchased using BTC or ETH of equivalent value). Pricing is set such that the earlier you join the Social Good Ecosystem™, the cheaper it is to buy tokens.
There is a limit for each sales round. Buy early before the supply of SocialGood runs out for each round!
Discounts will be offered to anyone wanting to purchase USD 1M worth or more, please contact us separately if you are interested.

Token price is set every week as presented in the table on whitepaper
Obtain tokens scheduled for listing on exchanges at a low price
Buy your tokens now

Improve society and get USD 75M

The more the number of people participating in the Social Good Ecosystem™ increases, the more the SocialGood price and value increase. Participate in the Social Good Ambassador Program to increase the number of SocialGood holders. You can participate in the Ambassador Program free of charge.
We have prepared up to a maximum of USD 75M for the referral fees you pay. It is our pleasure to expand the Social Good Ecosystem™ with you.

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